Journal Entry #1

Bailey Smith
Journal Entry #1

This bird watch took place on 2/21/21 during the times of 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm in Ferrisburgh Vt. This location was behind my house on the farm. I went down with my truck and parked my truck in our corn bunk where there were a few different species of birds. The temperature was sunny and 34 degrees Fahrenheit. There wasn’t much wind during this watch. I was in a location where birds like to get food.
During the hour and a half that I was bird watching, I saw a total of 5 different birds. I saw crows, European Starlings, House Sparrows, Snow Buntings, and Horned Larks. For the most part, all of these birds except for the crow flew in the same sort of pattern. The crow would continuously flap its wings to stay flying, while the other 4 birds would flap their wings anywhere from 5 to about 15 flaps.
I think the reason for the difference in wing flaps has to do with the overall size of the bird. The crow is much larger than the other birds so therefore their flight patterns are different. The crow has a steady flying motion where they are continuously flapping their wings to stay at a steady rate. The crow has a much larger wing shape than the house sparrow, therefore giving it more power to fly. With what I saw for the smaller bird species flying, you can identify a bird as small if it flaps its wings 5-10 times and then takes a break for a split second.
I think that because I did my scouting in the early afternoon, I was able to see a good amount of bird species. If I had scouted earlier in the day when the sun came up, I probably would have seen more birds because that is when they all wake up and begin to find food. For my next scouting trip, I will go on the property where there is the biggest food source to try and better my luck in finding the most bird species.

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