City Nature Challenge 2021 Observation Phase ends at midnight!

Happy (rainy) Monday morning - the last day of our 2021 City Nature Challenge. All photographs taken by midnight tonight count for the challenge - even if you don't get a chance to upload them to iNaturalist today. After midnight we enter the Identification phase, where everyone's help verifying id's (or suggesting alternates) is needed and appreciated. The ID period runs til about May 9th. It's great for the project if as many as possible of our region's photos can be classified as "Research Grade," with two or more people supporting each observation's identification.

So get out and get your last photos snapped today, come back in and dry off, and get those photos into iNaturalist! I know I have all my photos from the weekend still waiting to upload...

Hope you have a fun last day observing for the City Nature Challenge!

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I got the last of my observations uploaded! My goal this year was to reach the top 10, but I ended up as #11! Guess I'll have to try harder next year. And I'm definitely going to pay a visit to Rector PA next year. There seems to be a magical bird factory there that all the cool kids are observing from these days (@lauren_h, @andreakautz, @pefa17, @dendroica_aml, @marshbird)!

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Hahahah! As covid restrictions ease, you'll have to come visit the Powdermill Nature Reserve Avian Research Center when it's open to visitors again. One of my favorite places to spend a morning in normal times. Thanks @zygy - sorry you didn't make it to the top 10, but I'm so grateful for & impressed by your efforts! Hope it was a fun weekend.

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