Tuesday: Fungi and Herptiles

Thank you all for making Monday such an exciting start to this week's BioBlitz! As of 9am Tuesday morning we have collected 282 observations of 143 different species, and we are just getting started.

A special shoutout to all who embraced yesterday's challenge of observing a pollinator in action! I especially enjoyed robinmclean's bumblebee, head completely submerged in flower, and griffafish's beautiful swallowtail butterfly sighting.

Today (Tuesday) our BioBlitz continues with a focus on fungi and herptiles (reptiles and amphibians). Some of the most interesting organisms hide out in dark and damp places. Tuesday’s BioBlitz Challenge: Submit an observation of an organism you found under a log! Pictured here is an Eastern Red-backed Salamander that was discovered under a log during last year’s BioBlitz. For your safety, remember to roll logs toward you, so critters can scurry in the opposite direction. Additionally, always return logs back to their original position, leaving the microhabitat to function as it was.

Also, just a friendly reminder that we are documenting WILDlife. While you may feel wild at heart, please refrain from submitting selfies, or pictures of pets and houseplants. Thank you and have fun exploring outdoors today!!

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Congrats nicholas_carrera for winning the "something that can be found under a log" challenge with your leopard slug observation!

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