Ready, set, identify!

Congrats to everyone on a weekend full of observations! Together, we logged 993 observations of 373 species. This was a great contribution to scientists worldwide!

What's next? Let's use this week to make sure each observation has an identification. There are 600 observations that need another ID to reach "Research Grade" (that happens when at least 2 identifiers agree). If iNaturalist users have suggested an identification for your photo, take some time to look through and "agree" with the observation. You can find the photos in our project that need ID here:

Not sure how to identify? The Field Museum has some helpful quick ID guides for spring in Chicago:

Spring in Chicagoland:
Common Wild Bee Genera:
Common Trees:
Birds of Thatcher Woods:

If you see a notable observation, feel free to leave a comment for your fellow naturalist! Let's build a community and recognize each other for a job well done.

Comment below: do you have any favorite field guides to use for identification?

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