Observations are in; Time to identify!

Hello City Nature Challenge participants,

What an incredible turnout!
We had 455 people collect 5,476 observations of 932 species. This is a fantastic achievement for our first year of participation. Thank you so much for your part.

Now it's time to identify those observations.
To start identifying photos, visit our region’s project page (City Nature Challenge - Greater Portland-Vancouver Metro Area), click “Observations” and then “Identify” just below it. Here, you can restrict what it shows you by taxon, if you know how to ID certain groups.

What if I’m not an expert?
We still need your help identifying! If you’re not an expert in any group, you can help by identifying the “unknowns” – the observations with no IDs at all! Click the “Filters” button and then select the dashed-line leaf with a question mark in it:

Here's some observations that need your help!
These reptiles couldn’t slither away from us this weekend: CNC/PDX 2021 Reptiles

Brainy for birds? We have 36 observations that need help with identification: CNC/PDX 2021 Birds

Skilled at scat? Check this out: What's that scat?

Are you a sucker for Saxifrage? Help us identify this observation: What saxifrage has such unique bracts?

Thanks again, your enthusiasm is the kind of contagious we need these days.

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