Wednesday: Invasive Species

Hello BioBlitzers!

Our project continues to grow as we document wildlife across New Jersey. Thank you for your efforts!! As of 9:15am on Wednesday, we have 290 species observed. Do you think we can surpass 300 today?? Remember that in addition to submitting observations, you can help identify unknown or misidentified species observed by other people participating in our project.

Several species of fungi and herps were observed yesterday. I enjoyed seeing the bizarre juniper apple-rust observations, as well as some frogs and turtles. We still don't have any snake observations, but three days remain.

Shoutout to nicholas_carrera for snapping a photo of a leopard slug, which are typically found in dark, damp places like under logs. You are yesterday's challenge winner!

New Jersey Audubon’s BioBlitz 2021 continues today with a focus on invasive plants and animals. Invasive species are fast spreading organisms—out-competing others for resources.

Wednesday’s BioBlitz Challenge: Submit an observation of an invading vine. What type of terrain is it climbing?

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sarahofarrel is the invading vine challenge winner! Congrats and thanks for you observations.

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