Scientific Paper on Lorikeet Paralysis Syndrome

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If anyone is interested in knowing more about the Lorikeet Paralysis Syndrome, please find the web link below which will take you to a recently published scientific paper on the disease. One of the co-authors, David Phalen, has been the driving force behind creating this Citizen Science Project!

Happy Rainbow Lorikeet spotting!

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Very interesting paper on LPS. Just fascinating.
We have Rainbow Lorikeets every summer in the garden in Bardon, Brisbane when the flowers are out on 1. The Blue Quandong, Elaeocarpus grandis, 2. Umbrella Tree, Heptapleurum actinophyllum, which has recently been cut down and on 3. Queen Palm, Syagrus romanzoffiana. I am not sure of the latter species but what is interesting is that when the Rainbow lorikeets and Scaly-breasted lorikeets have finished feeding in the daytime on that palm, the Flying Foxes take over at night. Knowing the propensity for these bats to carry nasty neurological viruses, it might be something to look at. I presume this species is the the Black Flying-Fox, Pteropus alecto, but I am no expert. Good luck with all your research. I will take photos in summer when the flowers and Rainbow Lorikeets are back. Easy from our veranda. They are only five metres away.
Cheers Tim

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Thanks for your comment @ttimm Thank you for your participation with this project and look forward to your observations. Happy Rainbow Lorikeet spotting!

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