Dog Days of August

Dates | August 2, 2021-August 31, 2021

The Ancient Romans used to associate the hottest and most humid days of the year with the star Sirius, known as the “dog star”. As July comes to an end along with blistering heat waves throughout CA which set record temperatures, we continue to brace for more heat in August. With CA’s wildfire season continuing, we hope that everyone participating in our community science project does so safely.

This month of August, we want to continue to encourage everyone to help identify some of the observations that need ID’s. Show your dogged determination, make sure these identifications aren’t barking up the wrong tree, and keep our project from going to the dogs! Starting today, participants will have the entire month of August to make as many identifications as possible!

The Fire Followers Project has approximately +51,000 observations! Out of those observations, approximately 14,000 observations still need ID:
Click the link above and help us get these observations to RG.

The top identifier for the month of August will receive a Fire Followers Shirt!

Geophyte Club Challenge, we have managed to get observations that Need ID from ~18,000 to ~14,000! This is with the additional 6,000+ observations that have been added to the project since early July! Thank you to everyone who has participated so far!

1) As a reminder, even if you do not know the species, you can help by identifying the observation to a finer level such as identifying the family, which is extremely helpful for others. Also, feel free to use the comment section to let others know what you're thinking!
2) You can help by confirming IDs that have already been made, refining IDs from general to more specific and correcting mis-identifications. The Suggestions tab will offer similar plants seen in the area--make sure you check it’s a good match.
3) To find likely mis-identifications, look at the Species tab of one of the fire areas you know pretty well. Scroll down to the bottom and look at the plants that only have one or two observations. Check on any out of range observations or plants you know are ornamental.

You are tagged in this post because you are among some of the top most recent identifiers in the project and we hope you take part in helping identify some of the observations made so far! Feel free to share this with other Naturalists who you think would like to participate and don't forget to join our Fire Followers Project. Thanks for your help!
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I find it easier to work from the Identify page. The URL for that would be

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Hi @sedgequeen, thank you for sharing that! I'll be sure to include that on the posts from now on to make it easier.

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