Grueling backcountry trail crew job open at the LPFA

I used to be on the trail crew, but now I have an in town job. I loved the trail job because I got to get out to the Los Padres National Forest all week Monday through Friday. The job is great for physically fit backpackers who can carry food and gear for 4 nights, 5 days, and also 2 hand tools plus extra stuff. In Wilderness we brush with hand tools, but in non-wilderness gas powered hedgers, and chain saws are used. As always, the McCloud is used to work the tread. So if living in the forest with no cell reception, with your trail crew family, maybe getting poison oak, ticks, etc., and hiking and working hard all day sounds fun, contact the Los Padres Forest Association. Throw your name into the hard hat -

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Oh, and it is mostly in the southern Los Padres, Santa Barbara County, but also sometimes SLO County, Ventura, or Monterey County. Sometimes the work is front country near Santa Barbara or Montecito.

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