Sharing Your Sightings with this Project

Thank you to all who have joined the 2017 Texas Pollinator BioBlitz project! We hope you're having a great time snapping photos of and observing pollinators around the house, work, parks, etc.

We have received several questions about joining the project but not seeing your sightings show up in the list of species. Please be sure to select the option to "Choose" projects you'd like to share your information with when posting your sightings. When you upload your images (on your phone's app or online) you have an option to choose projects as you upload - you can select as many projects as you feel are relevant for them to be shared right away and included in our data.

If you don't see "2017 Texas Pollinator BioBlitz" as an option to choose, then go back to the project page and click on the option to "join this project" so that it will show up in your project list.

For any sightings you have done since September 23rd that are not currently included, feel free to edit them now so they can be included. Once you've added the project, you should be able to go back to any of the pollinator images you've added since the Pollinator BioBlitz began and edit the submission to add in the new project.

I hope that helps! Please reach out if you have further questions or difficulties.

Anotado por turtleshelly turtleshelly, 29 de septiembre de 2017 a las 08:21 PM


Socked in by 5 days of rain. Hoping to get busy now that it is clearing up here in Wichita Falls.

Anotado por sherylm hace mas de 4 años (Advertencia)

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