Rankings Jan 17-23

Hi everyone. Look! An update, finally! We will try to be more punctual next week.

Week three. If you're still making IDs, congrats for making it so far! If you've had to skip a little time, it's the perfect time to get back into the groove... welcome back ;)

Remember, slow and steady -- this is a marathon, not a race. Take breaks, drink plenty of water, and stand up and stretch periodically. You can do it!

First of all, Total% ... what have we done together, in this short span of time?

61 people have made a total of 18155 IDs!
Over the span of the entire competition, that's 71656 IDs! Fantastic!


1st @natashataylor, 250.5% (1373 IDs added)
2nd @philiptdotcom, 207.2% (1688)
3rd @matthewvosper, 119.5% (794)
4th @abigstone, 117.7% (67)

10th @lynnharper, 106.2%
20th @roshan2010, 101.9%
30th @lera, 100.4%

40th 100.2%
50th 100.03%


1st @sedgequeen, 208
2nd @lisa_bennett, 66
3rd @ddubois2, 50
4th @lynnharper, 38

This will be the fourth and final prize for ddubois2. After this if ddubois2 wins again the prize will got to the next person down.

And now, the grand reveal... what is Mystery% this week??
Most IDs of organisms observed on the day @trh_blue's cat was born--August 26 2019.

1st @navaneethsinigeorge , 101
2nd @esummerbell, 23
3rd @csledge, 19
4th @roshan2010, 3

If you are one of the top 4 in any category, you win a shiny virtual certificate declaring you a Top Four [your category] Winner of Third Week of ID-a-thon. Coming to your Messages inbox soon.

We can do this together! five more weeks to go!

The hint for next week's Mystery% is:
Set some trends

Anotado por trh_blue trh_blue, enero 27, miércoles 03:37



I think this will be my last week at the top ... had a few groups of animals I was clearing out the backlogs for, but now I've reached the end of it!

Anotado por natashataylor hace 29 días (Advertencia)

there's always more to ID. always. ;)
try out Unknowns for a little, there's a few hundred thousand of them.

Anotado por trh_blue hace 29 días (Advertencia)

I'm not in the rankings of course, but it is fun to put myself in there. I started the year with 50,847 IDs and last week I only made 62 qualifying IDs, so (50847+62)/50847*100 is 100.1219% which would put me in spot 42, if I had a spot.

Anotado por arboretum_amy hace 29 días (Advertencia)

So Google helped me.

Anotado por navaneethsinigeorge hace 29 días (Advertencia)

Yes it's pretty clear you knew what the clue meant! Your numbers for August 26 2020 were even more impressive, but Blue wanted to go with 2019.

Anotado por arboretum_amy hace 28 días (Advertencia)

Technically, Baklava was born at some point within a few weeks of that date. He's a rescue so I don't know exactly. But I chose August 26th, because that's my birthday too! :)

Anotado por trh_blue hace 28 días (Advertencia)

@trh_blue I added some IDs. Am my doing something wrong? Please get back to me as soon as possible.

Anotado por myles678 hace 27 días (Advertencia)

@natashataylor, your numbers are impressive - nice work! And congrats to everyone else, too!

Anotado por lynnharper hace 27 días (Advertencia)

@myles678 you didn't register for the event during the registration period, so we are not tracking your IDs. You are welcome to identify and to reply to posts, of course :)

Anotado por trh_blue hace 27 días (Advertencia)

@trh_blue Never heard anything about that. I thougth if you joined you are in. Thanks :)

Anotado por myles678 hace 27 días (Advertencia)

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