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27 de mayo de 2020

Introducing Alaska Forest Health Observations 2020

Is there something “bugging” a tree in your area? Add a picture of your observation to the iNaturalist app! USFS Forest Health Protection is monitoring forest insect & disease observations & can help id forest health concerns.

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29 de mayo de 2020

Spruce beetle (Dendroctonus rufipennis)

If you haven’t seen me yet, you soon will. As temperatures start to rise you’ll see my small reddish brown to black cylindrical body (1/4" long by 1/8" wide) as I look for a new home in a nearby spruce tree.

Have you noticed red sawdust at the base of a tree? This is the result of spruce beetles boring into trees-other insects also bore into trees, you may be able to id the type of beetle by sawdust color & location.

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