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05 de noviembre de 2021

Hiring opportunity - Seasonal Biological Science Technicians for USFS

The US Forest Service is starting our seasonal hiring for summer 2022! Once again, Forest Health Protection will be hiring temporary Biological Science Technician (Insect and Disease) positions for seasonal forest health work in Alaska. Positions will be open November 5-12, 2021.

The job announcements are now posted on the USA jobs website at the following links:



The primary purpose of these positions is to provide support for Forest Health Protection program implementation. Major duties may include assisting in forest health surveys, insect and disease sample collection and processing, and preparation of data and reports.

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17 de noviembre de 2021

Adding 'Host Plant' information to your observations

Help us identify your observations by including host plant information! Some fungi and insect larvae only live and grow on certain species of plants, so knowing which plant the organism is living on can help us identify it. An easy way to add host plant information to your post is to name the plant species in the notes section of your observation. If you don't know the species of plant that's ok, but adding the general group of plants can be helpful too! For example, if you know it's a spruce, but aren't sure which one, feel free to just put 'spruce'. If the tree bark is degraded and you're not sure if it's birch or aspen, but you know it's not a conifer species, you can designate the host as 'hardwood'. Notes about the tree species is very helpful for us, so we appreciate you including it!

A more advanced way to add host information is to scroll down to the field on the lower right hand side of your observation labeled "Observation fields" (this field is located below "Annotations" and "Projects"). In the box, type and click on "Host Plant ID" and type in the species of plant!

Thank you for contributing to our project!

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