Natural Areas Association Pollinator Management Webinars

The Natural Areas Association is hosting seven exciting presenters on four webinar dates in March and April, covering a wide range of topics having to do with best practices for managing natural areas, while ensuring pollinator health and resilience. The Pollinator Management Series will share some of the background and conclusions that will shortly be published in an NAA Synthesis Paper on Pollinator Health and Resilience in Natural Areas Management - stay tuned for more on this important forthcoming resource! For abstracts, bios, registration (free), and additional details, visit

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Sounds awesome!

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Would you consider adding superfamily Ichneumonidae to the project? It only contains 2 families (Ichneumonidea and Braconidae), both of which are already in the project terms & rules.

Currently observations in Texas in Ichneumonidae (suprfamily) cannot be added to the project (if the superfamily contained additional families that were not in the project, the exclusion would make sense, but that is not the case).

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