Big Forest Find - Dalby, Ellerburn 9th June

Hi Everyone
What a fantastic day on Sunday! I have been looking at some of the figures from the Dalby Big Forest Find event on the 9th June.

On the Day there were 195 observations made of 85 species. Already 66 of the observations have made research grade, which means they can be added to national databases and can be used for wider ecological research.

Ian has sent some of the more rare or interesting insect species included:

Large stonefly – Dinocra cephalotes. TV’s ‘bug man’ George McGavin helped ID this one on twitter. This large stonefly is normally very secretive and is normally found by lifting stones at the edge of streams, so well done for find that one.

Swamp crab spider – Xysticus ulmi. Lurks in the grass waiting to ambush its prey.

Sarcophaga rosellei. A type of flesh fly which was only found for the first time in Yorkshire in 2014. Its larvae are thought to predate certain snails.

If you would like the full report please comment on this post.

Don’t forget you can contribute whenever you visit Dalby by making more records of anything you find.

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"If you would like the full report please comment on this post." Yes please! Gill.

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Hi everyone. If you cannot comment please do email me . The app. doesn't seem to support comments on news items.

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