18 de abril de 2019

Growing urban coyote populations are feasting on pets.

A study of coyote scat found the animals are attracted to fruit in gardens, where they are also finding cats and dogs.


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17 de abril de 2019

California's Top Wildlife Officials Vote to Oppose Trump's War on Wolves.

SANTA MONICA, Calif.— The California Fish and Game Commission today voted to formally oppose the Trump administration’s proposal to end federal wolf protection across the country.


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15 de abril de 2019

12 de abril de 2019

Urban Coyote Evolution Favors the Bold.

Coyotes become fearless around people in just a few generations—which isn’t good for their longterm co-existence with humans in cities. Jason G. Goldman reports.


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03 de abril de 2019

Newborn fox pups rescued from border-area construction site.

A group of newborn grey fox pups have a new home after they were discovered at a construction site near the border last week.


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26 de marzo de 2019

Momma gray fox returns to Walnut Creek yard for fifth year.

In a small culvert pipe in a backyard near Walnut Creek, a momma gray fox returned last week for the fifth straight year.

“Looks like she’s returned to raise more kits,” said field scout Brian Murphy, who has monitored and photographed the families of fox here over the years.


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22 de marzo de 2019

Local Opinion: Rancher predator awareness.

I am a rancher just south of the California/Oregon border where I graze cattle in both states. The wolf issue came when OR7 entered California in 2011 and passed through my ranch, that's when my interest in wolves began. When we had the first probable cattle/wolf kill in Siskiyou County California in August 2015 I was president of our local Cattlemen Association and we now have a lot more wolves with frequent sightings.


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21 de marzo de 2019

Scat party: To unlock the secrets of urban coyotes, biologists turn to poop.

For a little more than two years, NPS researchers and volunteers collected scat at 27 sites, most of them in LA, including spots coyotes frequent in Griffith Park, Boyle Heights, Eagle Rock, Frogtown, Beverly Hills, Culver City and Baldwin Hills.


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Coyotes on campus, important to Long Beach.

The first time former American Studies student Robin Nixon saw a coyote on upper campus was five years ago, during her second semester of college at Long Beach State.


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12 de marzo de 2019

California Judge Upholds State Protections for Gray Wolves.

A California state court judge in San Diego ruled gray wolves will continue to be protected under the state’s Endangered Species Act.


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