29 de mayo de 2019

26 of the most endangered animals in America.

Of the remaining 8.7 million plant and animal species, 23,000 are considered to be threatened with extinction according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), due primarily to loss of habitat and loss of genetic variation - the latter of which allows animals to adapt to environmental changes.


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24 de mayo de 2019

Activists sue Trump administration for not protecting imperiled Sierra Nevada red foxes.

In a 15-page filing Thursday in federal district court in San Francisco, attorneys for the Center for Biological Diversity and San Francisco Baykeeper sued the Trump administration for failing to protect the Sierra Nevada red fox and seven other at-risk species across the nation, under the Endangered Species Act.


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20 de mayo de 2019

16 de mayo de 2019

'They will be raised as a family': Coyote pups separated from parents, recovering together in Napa.

Workers at Napa Wildlife Rescue say coyotes are a species that rely heavily on companionship of their own kind.

"The fact that we got one coyote pup, and then a week later, another, was extremely unusual," said Linnaea Furlong, wildlife rescue manager Napa Wildlife Rescue.

Workers are trying to limit human contact so the animals don't get too comfortable around humans.


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18 de abril de 2019

Growing urban coyote populations are feasting on pets.

A study of coyote scat found the animals are attracted to fruit in gardens, where they are also finding cats and dogs.


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17 de abril de 2019

California's Top Wildlife Officials Vote to Oppose Trump's War on Wolves.

SANTA MONICA, Calif.— The California Fish and Game Commission today voted to formally oppose the Trump administration’s proposal to end federal wolf protection across the country.


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15 de abril de 2019

12 de abril de 2019

Urban Coyote Evolution Favors the Bold.

Coyotes become fearless around people in just a few generations—which isn’t good for their longterm co-existence with humans in cities. Jason G. Goldman reports.


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03 de abril de 2019

Newborn fox pups rescued from border-area construction site.

A group of newborn grey fox pups have a new home after they were discovered at a construction site near the border last week.


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26 de marzo de 2019

Momma gray fox returns to Walnut Creek yard for fifth year.

In a small culvert pipe in a backyard near Walnut Creek, a momma gray fox returned last week for the fifth straight year.

“Looks like she’s returned to raise more kits,” said field scout Brian Murphy, who has monitored and photographed the families of fox here over the years.


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