Diario del proyecto City Nature Challenge 2020: Alachua County

07 de abril de 2020

Batch Load photos on computer

1. Create iNaturalist account

2. When in field, take as many separate photos of plants and animals (and do not upload to iNaturalist, just take lots of photos and allow them to be stored on phone; make sure locating services is on)

3. With smartphone and data or when hooked up to wireless, upload all these photos to Google Photo . Then, go to google photos on computer and download all google photos to folder on computer

4. OR: On your laptop or computer, connect smartphone to computer and directly download all the field photos to a folder on your computer

5. Go to your Inaturalist account on your computer and sign in

6. In the upper right – you will see a green button (Upload – click it)

7. Select Choose files (find folder and then select all photos and click open)

8. You should see all the photos on your computer screen, make sure they all have a location on them and a date, you can give them a species name if you know it)

9. Hit the submit observations button (upper right)

10. All done!

(NOTE: Do not link your iNaturalist account to Google Photos and upload that way as the geolocation is lost and will not register in contest)

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26 de marzo de 2020

Video Training for Using iNaturalist

Hello All: In preparation for the City Nature Challenge, we have released an online training video. Please share as much as possible. You can observe plants and animals and fungi from your own yard and neighborhood. Stay safe everyone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDv2k6dhIr0

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