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12 de febrero de 2020

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23 de febrero de 2020

Garden Route District can match any of the bigger centres in the 2020 City Nature Challenge?

There are 3 main categories within the City Nature Challenge.
• Most observations
• Most observers
• Most species

Let us look at some facts.
The population of the Garden Route District is approximately 600 000.
• If 1/10 people had to submit 1 verifiable observation each, we would topple Cape Towns record of 53763 in 2019.
• If 1/100 people had to submit 1 observation each, we would easily down beat San Francisco who won 2019 at 1947 observers.
• As to the number of species within the Eden district. We are neck on neck with Cape Town who took the laurels in 2019 with 4588 species.

See recorded species within our boundaries at

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25 de febrero de 2020

Training Mossel Bay

iNaturalist training sessions Mossel Bay
Every Monday (02,09,16,23,30 March 2020)
@ The Merchant. Bland Street
See you at 10 bells (10h00)

• Sign up to iNaturalist before.
• Bring along smart phone or laptop.
• Have own data available.
• A few pictures (nature) to upload. Even your pavement trees are good.

Indicate your preference for phone App or PC and proficiency level (beginners welcome) & RSVP by Sunday evening 19h00 to Facebook, or Sandra, or

Minimum 3 people per session

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Training sessions planned - Knysna & Sedgefield

Saturdy 29th of February and Saturday 7th of March at Brenton Haven Hotel @ 12h00

Contact Christa:

Tuesday, 3rd of March (subject to confirmation) 10:00 at Slow Roasted in Sedgefield.

Please let me know if you will be able to attend - just so that we have an idea of numbers.
Contact : Dr Louw Claassens Tel: 0829289391 Email:

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19 de febrero de 2020

A Citizen Science Manifesto

Extracts copied from

"For centuries, people armed with curiosity and a bit of time have kept notes as they observed the world around them. Today, it’s easier than ever before for anyone to organize an exploration, measure what they find, and share their discoveries with a global community. What we now call citizen science encompasses a wide array of tools that let amateur and professional scientists alike collaborate to expand our scientific understanding. But at its heart, citizen science isn’t about the apps. It’s about tapping into your own inner scientist, the curious part of you that wants to dig into questions bigger than one person can solve on their own."

"Be curious"
"Observe carefully, report honestly"
"Leave things as you found them"
"Be ethical with each other"

"Know the rules. Most cities, states, and countries have some laws around this stuff, about privacy or protecting public resources. Many Parks may allow you to take photos but not samples."

"Balance fun and science"

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29 de febrero de 2020

Training George

Workshops in George :

Friday 6 March @ 10h00 Saturday 7 March @ 10h00
Tuesday 10 March @ 15h00 Thursday 12 March @ 16h30
Wednesday 18 March @ 15h00 Saturday 21 March@ 10h00

Venue The Botanist Cafe, Garden Route Botanical Garden

Bring smart phone and/or laptop.
Have 1 or 2 photographs already taken to practice uploading.

If you can register on iNaturalist before the training it will speed things up
Contact Christine

More workshops are being organised throughout the Garden Route – sometimes at very short notice – so follow us on

And of course if you have a group that needs some help getting started contact

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