The Results Are In!

That’s a wrap! The official City Nature Challenge results were announced yesterday afternoon and we want to share them with you. Thank you to everyone who participated, we couldn’t be more excited about the results, especially for our first year!

Global Top Three:
Cape Town, South Africa, Washington, D.C, and Dallas/Fort Worth
Greater Phoenix landed as 30th in the world out of 419 cities!
Check out the global stats here.

Southwest Competition (Albuquerque, Phoenix, Tucson):
Albuquerque took first place, Greater Phoenix was second and Tucson took third. Congrats to Albuquerque!
Together we made 22,857 observations of 2,138 species by 823 people.
See the competition.

Greater Phoenix Area:
We had 9,702 observations of 1039 species by 283 people. 291 people also made identifications!
Top observer: @direwolfplayz with 1,729
Most species: @larivera with 239
Most identifications: @stevejones with 1,919
Congratulations! We will contact you all about your prizes.

If you enjoyed the CNC, check out the year-round programs offered by the co-organizers.

Metro Phoenix EcoFlora
The Metro Phoenix EcoFlora is a collaborative community science project of Desert Botanical Garden and the Central Arizona Conservation Alliance (CAZCA). You can think of this as a year round version of the City Nature Challenge! Join the project to learn about urban biodiversity, attend virtual and in-person events, and earn rewards for your observations.

City of Chandler-Community Services
The Community Services Department enhances the quality of life in Chandler through a vast provision of diverse and affordable educational and recreational experiences. Check out their ”Break Time” magazine for fun activities in every season.

Educating Children Outdoors
Through ECO, children learn about and explore nature through cross-curricular, hands-on, experiential activities, developing knowledge about, love for, and dedication to nature’s wonders. Check out their programs on their website and their iNaturalist project.

Thank you again to all of the amazing participants and collaborators. See you next year!

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