For the beginner:
A field guide to Insects of South Africa - Struik Nature

For the enthusiast:
Manual of Afrotropical Diptera Eds: AH Kirk-Spriggs & BJ Sinclair 2017 - Suricata (SANBI)

Vol 1 Introductory chapter and keys to Diptera Families
( get your electronic copy of Vol 1 here)

Vol 2 Nematocera & Lower Brachycera
(get your electronic copy of Vol 2 here)

Vol 3 Brachycera-Cyclorrhapha, excluding Calyptratae - Higher Diptera
(get your electronic copy of Vol 3 here)

Freshwater Invertebrates of Southern Africa. Volume 9: Diptera. Editors: JA Day, AD Harrison & IJ de Moor. Water Research Commission.
(get your electronic copy of Freshwater Flies here)

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