Introduced plant species (establishment status)

Following @siddarthmachado bringing to our attention a 2008 paper* listing introduced plant species in India, we have updated the India checklist with all the species from this report (covers both cultivated and invasive)!

To see what species are on the checklist for India with an establishment status of "introduced", have a look at

An introduced flag will show on observations identified as these species in India.

Please feel free to add any introduced species not included in the Reddy list, preferably including a note on your reference source.

Many thanks to @matthewlewis896 who updated the list.

*Reddy et al. available at

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Thanks @lera for incorporating this. Would there be any way of including species endemism as well? Endemism is regionally specific so would there be ways to include state or ecosystem level endemism, based on publish peer reviewed articles off course. For example

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Hi - endemism is another option in he same establishment status field. Anything that is endemic to the state is also endemic to the country, but of course many orchids will be spread across a few states. To document this you could use the Occurrence Status field at state level (species present or absent) alongside Establishment status at country level.

There is a way to update species status as a batch for each Place (e.g. state) checklist independently. Country level will be a bit less work... ecosystem level might be harder (defining boundaries might require creating new places). Anyone can do this - but I had better not promise that matthewlewis896 will :)

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