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12 de enero de 2020

Critter Hunt at Lake Merritt with Naturalist Damon Tighe

Great turnout for citizen science activities at Lake Merritt! We've got something going here. Thanks to everyone who identified organisms, collected plankton and helped drive the underwater robotic vehicle, and especially to Damon who shared his natural history and photography expertise.

Here is a preliminary species list for the day. We saw and mostly photographed at least 23 species not including plankton. There were a lot of phytoplankton, mostly Chaetoceros and many zooplankton of the usual types (copepods in different stages, evadne, mollusk larvae, polychaete veligers). Rate-Our-Plankton level = Tiny Threads

CRITTER WALK Water quality:
Water Temperature 12top/
Salinity 30 ppt top/30 ppt bot
pH 7.5 top/7.5 bot
D.O. 9 ppm/7 ppm
Secchi 100 cm, Depth 150 cm

Red-eyed Medusa - Jelly- Polyorchis penicillatus
Sponge Halichondria bowerbankia
Sea anemones

Diadumene spp. double white striped, orange striped
Diadumene franciscana

Red-striped barnacle Amphibalanus amphitrite
Roly-Poly Isopod Sphaeroma quoianum
Oriental shrimp Palaemon macrodactylus

Bay mussel Mytilis galloprovincialis
Soft-shell clam Mya arenaria
Philippine littleneck clam Ruditapes philippinarum (shell only)
Mud snail Tritia obsoleta
Bubble snail Haminoea japonica
Oyster drill Urosalpinx cinerea

Sea squirts
Ciona savignyi
Molgula manhattensis
Botryllus schlosseri
Botrylloides violaceus

Tubeworm Ficopomatus enigmaticus
Scale worm Harmothoe imbricata
Spaghetti worm Terebellid
Spionid Boccardia proboscidea

Branching bryozoan Bugula
White crust Conopeum sp.

Red algae Lomentaria hakodatensis (?) mentioned in Chang et. al poster about Lake Merrittt,
“A Classic Estuarine Lagood of the 1960’s Undergoes Oceanization by the 2010’s: Remarkable Changes in the Biodiversity and Community Composition.” 2017 State of the San Francisco Bay Estuary Conference Abstracts p. 118



To be revised and continued.

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