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09 de octubre de 2020

Awards! Prizes!

Buried in the text of the Project Description is the CONTEST for Best of Show, First Place, Second Place, Rarest, Smallest and Chanterelle Slam! Read all the details there.

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17 de octubre de 2020

Multiple photos of one observation; combine

Just a reminder: please combine (per iNat standards) multiple photos of the same observation. When we make the awards for the most observations, it is going to be a lot of work for us to comb through the top observers and eliminate dupes. To save ourselves excessive work at this end (we won't have time, as we need to decide the awards quickly), as we comb through, the first example of multiple observations by a user that should have been submitted as one observation will disqualify that user from further consideration. We had hoped to use the iNat leaderboard to simply decide for us, but it is evident that will have to be just our starting place, and we will have to verify that there are no multiple entries of the same observation.

Also, be sure that you are submitting multiple photos of every mushroom in each observation. It is very difficult for an IDer to go through and try to ID when there is only one photo (as mentioned in the description of this project).

Thank you for all your submittals so far! Keep 'em coming! This is going to work: we ARE going to have a virtual show! And not only will we get to look at multiple photos of each observation, but we can see where it was observed (although you can fuzz it up if it is your secret chanterelle or bolete spot!), and read your notes about smell or nearby trees or other details you can include! Most of that information is not available in our regular show!

It is going to be a fun week, thanks to you all!

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