Noticias del proyecto Lepidoptera of Nebraska

13 de agosto de 2019

Thank you for sharing your observations!

Many thanks to the Nebraska Inaturalist community for reporting your butterfly and moth sightings! I’m excited to report that among your sightings are records from 29 of our state’s at-risk Lepidoptera species! One of these reports is for a Tier 1 species - the Silver-bordered Fritillary - for which we have very few records in the Nebraska Natural Heritage Database. And a number of the taxa are Tier 2 at-risk species that are also under-represented in the database:

American Copper (Lycaena phlaeas), Anicia Checkerspot (Euphydryas anicia), Anise Swallowtail (Papilio zelicaon), Banded Hairstreak (Satyrium calanus), Common Ringlet (Coenonympha tullia), Coral Hairstreak (Satyrium titus), Gray Comma (Polygonia progne), Harvester (Feniseca tarquinius), Hobomok Skipper (Poanes hobomok), Horace's Duskywing (Erynnis horatius), Juvenal's Duskywing (Erynnis juvenalis), Long Dash (Polites mystic), Milbert's Tortoiseshell (Nymphalis milberti), Northern Crescent (Phyciodes cocyta), Silvery Blue (Glaucopsyche lygdamus), Silvery Checkerspot (Chlosyne nycteis), Spring White (Pontia sisymbrii), Tawny Emperor (Asterocampa clyton), Weidemeyer's Admiral (Limenitis weidemeyerii), Wild Indigo Duskywing (Erynnis baptisiae), Zabulon Skipper (Poanes zabulon), and Zebra Swallowtail (Eurytides marcellus).

Thank you again and keep up the great work!

-Rachel Simpson, Nebraska Natural Heritage Program, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

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