Wet weather brings out the frogs

Dear lorikeet observers,

Thanks to all of you who are checking for lorikeets, particularly @janice220, who is making contributions nearly every week.

On another note, you all might be interested in checking out the Australian Museum's FrogID app. It is free and pretty easy to use. It lets you record frog calls on your property or elsewhere and will identify them for you and then you can send them in so they can be logged with all the other data that is being collected. Right now, I have 5 species of frogs calling within 50 metres of my home.

This is a great project as there has been a mass mortality event of frogs this year occurring on the east coast of Australia and this data will help to determine what the impact of this die off has been and if certain species have been more impacted that others.

Have a great week and if the lorikeets are scarce listen for ...más ↓

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Lorikeet Paralysis Syndrome (LPS) is a disease occurring in wild rainbow lorikeets that causes the birds to become paralysed and unable to fly. This disease results in thousands of rainbow lorikeets being admitted into care each year across south-eastern Queensland (QLD) and north-eastern New South Wales (NSW).

The cause of LPS is unknown, however, researchers are now ...más ↓

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