Making Great Observations

Here's a helpful guide for making great observations in iNaturalist. Observations made following these guidelines are easier to identify and more likely to be promoted to research grade. The main things to remember are to take clear photos that are in focus and well lit. Take multiple photos if possible, especially for plants (leaves, flowers, stems, etc.). Also, remember to post multiple photos of the same organism to one observation.

Check it out! Click to see the guide in English or español.

Anotado por jenydavis jenydavis, 28 de mayo de 2021 a las 11:15 PM


Nicely made guide with lots of helpful tips. I will add this link when identifying or commenting on observations made by those just getting started with iNaturalist. Or when their observation is of a landscape with many plants.

Anotado por danielatha hace 6 meses (Advertencia)

Thanks @danielatha :)

Anotado por jenydavis hace 6 meses (Advertencia)

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