Moth Night 2021 -A Great Southern Bioblitz Project

As part of the Great Southern Bioblitz, let's make October 23rd moth night around the Southern Hemisphere. Moths are totally underrated animals! On the 23rd of October as part of the Great Southern Bioblitz we are exploring this biodiverse group. Hundreds of different species can be attracted and observed in your backyard. They are masters of camouflage and can look almost exactly like objects in nature such as leaves, bark or even dried sap!
You can also join in in the north, if you like
Observe what you can and upload your pictures onto iNaturalist!
Note you need to be a member to contribute to the project, But all observations in GSB areas will go to the respective projects.

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Anotado por stephen169 stephen169, 25 de septiembre de 2021 a las 05:17 AM


Thanks for the add. Do we post to our own observations or to Moth Night 2021?

Anotado por dlync hace cerca de un mes (Advertencia)

with the Moth night, as long as you are a member (you are) it will be recorded, This is a side project for the' Great Southern Bioblitz' to be held over the weekend, we did a Moth night last year, but people who did not live in an area wanted to join in so we made a stand-alone. Not sure if you are in an official area? but this will allow you to join in on the weekend.

Anotado por stephen169 hace cerca de un mes (Advertencia)

What a great fun idea ! Hope it not raining here in Botswana during the Moth Night.

Do other Great Southern Bioblitzers use UV lamps and blacklights to attract moths ?

Anotado por botswanabugs hace cerca de un mes (Advertencia)

I have one now so looking forward to it, weather was terrible last year across southern Australia. the good thing is although Moth night is on the 23rd, we will count all moths over the GSB.

Anotado por stephen169 hace cerca de un mes (Advertencia)

I'm hosting a Five on Friday & then we're going on a spotlight night. Last fortnight we sotted this cool moth no idea what it is but it has some big hairy antennae thingys. I figured people can do their own moth night in their back yard. do I create facebook events to promote it or how do I get people to join the project. I've invited all the people that are in my LGA & told them about the project, got a few interested takers. I'm hosting a training workshop on Saturday 9th , already have sent out our newsletter & sold a few tickets via Eventbrite so fingers crossed Our group is holding a Waterbug Blitz on the Saturday & a Birdwalk on the Sunday I just can't do anymore that's 3 events in one weekend. I'll be exhausted. Cheers Luise.

Anotado por elle63 hace cerca de un mes (Advertencia)

Got very little last year so here's hoping to a better result this time 'round! Looking forward to Moth Night :)

Anotado por slang1888 hace cerca de un mes (Advertencia)

@slang1888, Yep we picked a great spot up at wait reserve, I think we got three moths. terrible night worse in Capetown and the Surf Coast it will be goo this year

Anotado por stephen169 hace cerca de un mes (Advertencia)

Hi all from Tasmania. Looking forward to a great few days with some kinder weather than we have had. Moth equipment here already to go and looking forward to see what flies in. Look forward to seeing the results. Keep safe.

Anotado por tas56 hace 8 días (Advertencia)

wow, awesome! can't wait to see what you get

Anotado por stephen169 hace 8 días (Advertencia)

Perfect weather conditions in Tamworth for tonight! 😊

Anotado por dlync hace 4 días (Advertencia)

Very rainy and cool in Tasmania but should do OK with Moths though. Last night was pretty good. Using Mercury Vapour (MV) Lamp and Skinners Moth Trap. Works pretty good.

Anotado por tas56 hace 4 días (Advertencia)

Quite hot 38 today in Botswana Central for the Serowe museum Moth Night toaday. It may be too hot for moths and the high temp might make them inactive. lets see !

Anotado por botswanabugs hace 4 días (Advertencia)

Good luck to everyone tonight!!

Anotado por tas56 hace 4 días (Advertencia)

Too hot, cold ! at least we have been getting some in SA

Anotado por stephen169 hace 4 días (Advertencia)

Weather too bad overnight. Friday was much better. Only 5 moths overnight. I'll put up Friday's as well once ID'd.

Anotado por tas56 hace 4 días (Advertencia)

Well, not too brilliant this year - too chilly perhaps. My photos are rubbish but they show I got at least a couple :). I think I need much better lights. Got a nice pic of a little Acanalonia conica though!

Anotado por slang1888 hace 3 días (Advertencia)

Yes, poor conditions here - very wet and windy. Maybe next year.

Anotado por tas56 hace 2 días (Advertencia)

My Moth night, Ipswich Brisbane Australia. I advertised it on Facebook in community but it rained around 7 pm just as it got dark. No Moths but did attempt later in evening ZIP NADA I did it Monday Night 25th NOTHING. then I wake up & I have 2 months inside my HOUSE , How did that happen? I have fly screens so maybe it was way to wet to fly.

Anotado por elle63 hace un día (Advertencia)

Not to worry Elle. At least two came in to share themselves with you! The best of the year is yet to come!

Anotado por tas56 hace un día (Advertencia)

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