Myrtle rust: coming to a pōhutukawa near you?

Warmth, a bit of rain, and humidity – unfortunately all the ingredients are now present in many places for myrtle rust to be ravaging myrtle plants. Seen some yellow spores? Don’t touch them – snap them – and upload. Got some clear pictures of the host plant? Even better – these can help our experts confirm the symptoms indicate myrtle rust. The pictures of rohutu and ramarama (bubble leaf) keep coming – testament to the extreme vulnerability of these species to myrtle rust. Keep it up but also – it would be great if people could keep a special look out for pōhutukawa right now. Unfortunately reports are trickling in that even mature trees are now being impacted – especially on the ‘epicormic’ growth (new growth coming from old branches.) More information about where this is happening would be great – and whether this (and all) myrtle species are sporting spores on fruits and flowers. Leaves are commonly photographed – but don’t forget to check reproductive structures as well if they are present.

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