Diario del proyecto Natural History of Dictionary Hill

21 de noviembre de 2020

Week of November 7

Many areas received .24 in of ppt over 3 days. Standing water occurred on DH summit in the Northwest shallow depression 12 ft x 12 ft. 2 inches remaining for approximately 5 days. Plants less dry.

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18 de octubre de 2020

Early Fall Spring Valley Heat Records

Dictionary Hill was extremely hot and dry for Summer of 2020.
August saw several days over 100 degrees. September almost 9 days of 100 degree and several over 105 degrees.
October has been similar with days over 100 degrees. Plants are mostly in a state of dormancy with very little moisture content in their leaves.

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09 de mayo de 2020

May 2020 Week 1

Week 1 May has seen daytime temps in the nineties. No rain this week. Ground is still mist in many locations but drying quickly.

There are many new wildflowers and vegetation is thriving.
May 6th temperatures reached 94.6 F (Glenn Pezzoli Weather Station)

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13 de abril de 2020

March 15 - April 13 , 30 Day Rain Totals

6.78 inches Measured at La Mesa Station over previous, 30 days
Standing water, Shallow Vernal "Ponds" remain present on the more level surfaces like the DH Summit. The local hills are quite wet and seeps with temporary streams abound. Bancroft Creek is flowing.

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30 de marzo de 2020

March 29, 2020

We had extensive rain in November then no rain until a miracle March. The rain has been a good soaking rain with very little to no runoff. There has been more mushroom activity and areas remaining wet for longer periods of time. Ranger Craig has been cutting down Mustard to lessen fall fire danger. There is an increasing level of flowering plants. There is no rain in the forecast for the near future at the moment.

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24 de marzo de 2020

Hill 842 (East side of Bancroft Drainage) Deerweed Superbloom

The east side of Bancroft Creek is a bright shimmering yellow blanket right now. This is likely due to the regrowth of Deerweed seedlings after their dormancy was broken from the Fires about 5 years ago. Nearby and slightly higher expect to see The Chaparral Mallow blooming Lavender to Pink next month. It also is a fire follower and is now dominating the region bordering the Deerweed display. BTW The Chaparral Mallow also is common on the west side of the drainage close to the Point Homes where the fire also stimulated their abundance.

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22 de marzo de 2020

March 2020

March rain has been falling abundantly on Dictionary Hill. Our region has been slightly above average with more rain expected the week of March 22 to March 28.

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04 de febrero de 2020

January -February 2020

Dry and warm most of January and early February 2020. It appears to be and early "Spring" with indicators of Munz Sage and Clevelands Shooting Star already blooming quite prolifically

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27 de noviembre de 2019

October 2019 Rains

Rain Total Week of November 18 = .77 in.

Expected Week of November 28 to November 30 = 1-2 in.

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