newt survey 2/07 - southern half (Aldercroft)

147 dead newts, 0 live newts.
February 7, 2020 (Friday) 12:45pm-3:30pm
Weather: Dry, sunny, 65F, gorgeous. Had been dry for at least the previous week.
Other roadkill: 1 large beetle larva, 1 tiny bat!
Coverage: Aldercroft Heights Road intersection to stop sign.
Rainfall: MTD 0.02in, YTD 15.21in (per
Traffic: around 30 vehicles, 9 bicycles, 1 motorcycle.

Again this time most of the newts were on the east (away from the reservoir) side. Only one was fresh. It's been quite dry so I suspect many of them were duplicates, as it seems like they tend to become mummified "crackers" if there's no rain. Detachable cracker ones I kicked well off the road into the leaf litter, so they'll have no chance of being duplicates in the future. This time & the last time I was out (1/31) I took all of my photos with the ...más ↓

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The purpose of this project is to record the number of Pacific Newts being killed on Alma Bridge Rd. near Lexington Reservoir in an effort to get the Santa Clara County Roads Department to identify and implement short-term remedies while exploring long-term solutions to this roadkill hotspot.

This project will be rolled up with other sub-projects to show a comprehensive picture of live ...más ↓

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