newt survey 1/4 - southern half (Aldercroft)

131 dead newts, 0 live newts.
January 4, 2020 (Saturday) 1:45pm-3:15pm
Weather: Dry and partly cloudy, had been dry for more than a week. 57F per my car.
Other roadkill: 1 Jerusalem cricket.
Coverage: Aldercroft Heights Road intersection to stop sign.
Rainfall: MTD 0in, YTD 0in (per
Traffic: 30 vehicles, 33 bicycles, 2 pedestrians, 1 motorcycle.

I'd still come across "batches" of newts, but overall it seemed like there were more scattered all over the place, and more up on the north side of the big road bend. As always, there were the least on the southernmost portion.
Newt map:

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Oh neat, thanks!

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