Tuesday 1/26/2021, 4 pm

I documented 25 newts, 6 of them were new. I added flags to all the new newts, getting up to flag #24.
It was very cold, with light rain. I didn't see any live newt. One of the newts I saw was freshly killed.
Flag #13 - one of the 2 newts was missing
Flag #6 - newt missing. I removed the flag
It was very quiet, very few people and cars - 44 cars, 1 bike, 1 pedestrian, 7 parked cars. There were at least 10 more cars parked at the boat club. Most traffic was right around 5:15, maybe coming back from the boat club.

Anotado por merav merav, enero 27, miércoles 07:01


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