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01 de agosto de 2020

Our New Paper Was Published in Northwestern Naturalist

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13 de julio de 2020

Make a Splash with River Otter Ecology Project

River Otter Ecology Project is a community science, environmental research and education organization focusing on healthy natural water systems. River otters are a symbol of nature’s resilience, and their return due to restoration and conservation encourages us to continue those efforts.

From July 1st to September 1st, you can enter our online art, photography, and poetry competition.

Our creative artistic event and benefit celebrates water, one of our most precious shared resources. Mostly Water Art Splash is an art and poetry contest for adults and children, amateurs and professionals, held completely online. We invite everyone to submit their creative best on our theme.

We will offer professional judging, prizes, a Zoom awards ceremony, and the chance for artists and poets to be represented on our website and in social media. This delightful effort celebrates our mission to support clean water, which connects us all.

Opportunities to sponsor the event are also available.

All the details are at www.riverotterecology.org

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15 de mayo de 2020

01 de junio de 2018

Otters and ROEP hit the TV News!

River otters are doing pretty well in our shared Bay Area watersheds. As they increase their range to the south, we want to know about it, so we took to the television news to increase our own range!


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18 de mayo de 2018

21 de abril de 2018