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18 de abril de 2019

Don't Forget to Send Us Your Mailing Address!

Hey everyone! As we wrap up another day of observations, we at BioBlitz want to remind everyone that if you've posted any number of observations to our project— even one—you're eligible for registry into the Fall 2019 BioBlitz! Feel free to send us your mailing address so we can send you your hard-earned sticker! This is eligible to all participants, and not just those who've completed a challenge. You've earned it!

Robert Gibson
Spring Virtual BioBlitz! OK 2019 Staff

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15 de abril de 2019

Week Two Shout Outs and New Challenges!

Hi there! Considering your impressive amount of engagement, observation, and participation in this week's challenge (and in the field), we here at BioBlitz have decided to congratulate the top observers AND those who identified the most species! Let's get started with the observations:

Congratulations to Terri (taffypull7) with a whopping 398 observations to date! We here at BioBlitz congratulate ourselves on holding off on publishing these scores last night, when she snuck past...
zdufran 372 observations
lmm3629 346 observations
ftdoom 218 observations
gregsilva 216 observations
tammym4748 201 observations

Now on the the species!
What can we say, Zach (zdufran) has done it again, with 245 species observed! Close behind him are
lmm3629 241 species observed
taffypull7 209 species observed
gregsilva 141 species observed
arrowheadspiketail58 136 species observed
goody 109 species observed

You have two challenges this week! Make an observation within a state park. There are many opportunities to choose from in Oklahoma, and we're happy to provide lists and suggestions on request! Also, make 5 observations of jumping spiders, if you feel like spending less time on the "web"(har har)! These challenges end on April the 21st at midnight! Good luck!

Robert Gibson
Spring Virtual BioBlitz! OK 2019 Staff

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13 de abril de 2019

Saturday Shout Outs!

Good Morning, nature lovers! With overcast skies keeping away all but the most avid naturalists, now would be a great time for an update! Remember: Week 2 challenges close tomorrow, April 14, at midnight. Be sure to send us your 10 observations of native trees, or your 5 observations of decomposers if you've got 'em! Keep an eye on this page for when we post next week's challenges, winners, and some unique finds of yours!

Robert Gibson
Spring Virtual BioBlitz! OK 2019 Staff

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08 de abril de 2019

...And a New Round of Challenges!

Now, on to this week’s challenges:
Decomposers: Make 5 observations of decomposers, such as fungi, earthworms, roly polys!

Native Trees: Observe 10 different species of native trees! 5 lucky participants will be randomly selected to receive a book about the trees of Oklahoma!
Deadline for both of these challenges is midnight on Sunday the 14th!

Good luck!
Robert Gibson
Spring Virtual BioBlitz! OK 2019 Staff

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Week One Shout Outs!

Great work to everyone who participated in our first week of our Spring BioBlitz! Here’s a shoutout to our first week of top observers!
All hail Zach (zdufran), with his impressive first place record of 189 observations! Congratulations, Zach. You’ve earned bragging rights for this week. Let’s also have a dignified round of applause for our runners-up:
Imm3629 162 observations
bothrops07 155 observations

We have a tie for fourth place, sports fans! tammym4748 and taffypull7 are neck and neck with 153 observations. Be sure to keep a close eye on this race.

gregsilva 130 observations

And that’s not all! 232 lucky observers will receive a sticker and registration to the fall BioBlitz! Message me with your mailing address to claim your sticker! I will be gathering mailing addresses to send out stickers and prizes.

Robert Gibson
Spring Virtual BioBlitz! OK 2019 Staff

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04 de abril de 2019

Keep it up!

Hey everyone! We here at BioBlitz headquarters (a stocked, secure fortress in the Cross Timbers) just want to say how much we appreciate the amazing participation over these last few days. We are already about to break last year's record of observers and we couldn't be happier. To all of you who've made an observation: Please provide us with your mailing address so we can send you your hard-earned sticker! Remember, this offer is open to all observers—even if you've only posted a single observation! You are just that awesome.

Also, BioBlitz wishes to clarify that houseplants and pets, cute as they are, are not considered to be valid observations in the field. Sorry!

Robert Gibson

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01 de abril de 2019


Sorry everyone, we had a bit of a glitch today with uploading observations. Looks like we got it figured out and observations are showing up in the project. Let us know if you have any more problems!

Looks like you all are off to a great start!

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31 de marzo de 2019

So it Begins!

Hello, aspiring naturalists! My name is Robert Gibson, and I’m representing the good folks of the Oklahoma Biological Survey for our Spring 2019 BioBlitz! We have four weeks and six challenges ahead of us, as we celebrate a season of rebirth and renewal. All of us at HQ are thrilled to see what you discover this spring. Feel free to refer to this journal page as a way to stay updated on our challenges, and be sure to look for your name among the prize-winners!! But what will you be observing this spring, you ask? Step into my office...

We’ve developed some unique themes for every week, geared to push your skills of biological observation to the limit. Ready your camera-app-button-pressing fingers, y’all: here are your first two challenges:

Week One! (April 1-6): Observation Participation
Participation: Anyone who posts an observation (photograph or audio) to our webpage will receive a sticker and a letter—in the mail, no less— from yours truly.

Pollination: Make at least 10 observations of birds or insects during this week to receive a automatic entry to the Fall 2019 BioBlitz! Might even have a prize headed your way. Once you have made your observations, message me with a link to the pages.

Those of you with the five most total observations will get a fun little-shout out in our next journal entry. Dare to dream!

And they’re off! Message me with any questions you have going forward, and I hope to see you all in the fields and forests of our great state. If our paths do happen to cross, you’ll have to excuse the elbowing and shoving as I try to get the best camera angle. Rally ho!

Robert Gibson
Spring Virtual Bioblitz! OK 2019 Staff

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18 de marzo de 2019

Get Ready!!

Our Spring Virtual BioBlitz! OK 2019 is almost here! Robert Gibson, BioBlitz! student assistant will be our virtual BioBlitz! coordinator this spring. He has four weeks and six challenges planned for you this April. All of us at BioBlitz! HQ are delighted that spring is coming and that you will be documenting our spring biodiversity!
This journal page will be a great way to stay up to date on our challenges and inventory progress as we celebrate our early season plants, animals, and other important organisms.

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