Week Two Shout Outs and New Challenges!

Hi there! Considering your impressive amount of engagement, observation, and participation in this week's challenge (and in the field), we here at BioBlitz have decided to congratulate the top observers AND those who identified the most species! Let's get started with the observations:

Congratulations to Terri (taffypull7) with a whopping 398 observations to date! We here at BioBlitz congratulate ourselves on holding off on publishing these scores last night, when she snuck past...
zdufran 372 observations
lmm3629 346 observations
ftdoom 218 observations
gregsilva 216 observations
tammym4748 201 observations

Now on the the species!
What can we say, Zach (zdufran) has done it again, with 245 species observed! Close behind him are
lmm3629 241 species observed
taffypull7 209 species observed
gregsilva 141 species observed
arrowheadspiketail58 136 species observed
goody 109 species observed

You have two challenges this week! Make an observation within a state park. There are many opportunities to choose from in Oklahoma, and we're happy to provide lists and suggestions on request! Also, make 5 observations of jumping spiders, if you feel like spending less time on the "web"(har har)! These challenges end on April the 21st at midnight! Good luck!

Robert Gibson
Spring Virtual BioBlitz! OK 2019 Staff

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