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26 de octubre de 2020

Cochineal Scale Bugs: Genus Dactylopius

I was always under the impression that our local cochineal bug was the Dactylopius coccus. Based on further research and conversation I understand that I was incorrect. According to "Insects of the Los Angeles Basin" by Hogue, and Bob Allen of "Wildflowers of Orange County and the Santa Ana Mountains, there are possibly 2 species of cochineal bugs in the canyon. D. opuntiae, known as the Cactus Scattered Cochineal, is the commonest local species. D. confusus, the American or California cochineal bug, is also present in the basin. Their waxy protective covering makes identifying them beyond their genus rather difficult. Neither of our two locally occurring cochineal bugs are D. coccus, known as the True Cochineal.

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