Observation Highlight of the Week: Goodyera pubescens

Observational Highlight #3: Goodyera pubescens (Downey Ratlesnake Plantain)
Virginia Outdoors Foundation - Bull Run Mountains Natural Area Preserve

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This week's highlight is the downy rattlesnake plantain ( or Goodyera pubescens) which was observed by @mjwcarr back in August.

This species is currently the most commonly observed orchid species here at the preserve. Its silver-reticulated evergreen leaves make it an easy thing to see during the winter - so keep an eye out! The orchid prefers dry to moist, acidic soils in upland habitats, the typical habitat through many areas of the preserve. The colloquial name rattlesnake comes from the interlaced pattern of the leaves which roughly resemble the scales of its snake namesake. The entire plant is also covered in short, very fine downy hairs that can be hard to miss without a close inspection.

Despite the name, the rattlesnake plantain should not get confused with the garden variety plantain that many consider weeds (that is the greater, American, and ribwort plantain). This is a real deal orchid, and so proper excitement should be exhibited whenever one is spotted! According to the USDA plant fact sheet (just google the reference below), the rattlesnake plantain was used by indigenous peoples to treat snakebites, burns, and other ailments.

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