Mushroom Color Atlas

Julie Beeler has set up this great web resource called Mushroom Color Atlas, in which she explores twenty eight different specied of dye mushrooms. All the website is so beautiful, well programmed, illustrated and documented, it is a true delicacy, I encourage you to take a view.

I also took the list of species to included them in the Tinctorial Collection Twelve of these species were new to the project and I didn't find three of them: Hapalopilus nidulans (Hapalopilus rutilans is accepted species in GBIF), Hydnellum fuscoindicus (an errata for Hydnellum fuscoindicum, which is not either) and Hydnellum suaveolens.

Tinctorial Collection gather all the species you observe on this group as individual observations. So, the collection changes from individual specimens to species, so that anyone can see which of this collection of species is around their place. From time to time I will look for your latest observations to find which new species we didn't observe before and add them to the Tinctorial Collection project. Once again I thank you all for the interest you are showing with this project, and I hope now enjoy being part of it in your iNaturalist walks :)

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