Midway through the great week

So far, we have made 3,201 observations of 1,294 species from Hawaii to Alaska to Massachusetts to Florida! We have made observations in the Midwest, Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, and Cascades, but most, as you would expect are from the Southern Appalachians and Southeast. Of our 3,201 observations, we have seen 807 plant species, 237 fungi, 147 insects, 54 birds, 21 spiders, 15 mollusks, 10 mammals, 9 reptiles, and 13 “other animals.” The most observed species is pokeweed! (At least it isn’t poison ivy, like it was for a while last year!) The fungi pics have been fantastic.

Ladyjanaye has seen the most species with 245 observed in only four days. Incredible! Dakilaledesma has led the board on the most observations for a few days now, but ladyjanaye, howlinjay, kcbowmanphd, abmorris, and pjbcox have posted significant numbers, too. For me, personally, I have really enjoyed seeing stonemtnhiker’s incredible observations from Hawaii as well as those of scottranger from Alaska, mam252’s fungi from the Mt Hood area of Oregon, and ameliag24 from Colorado! Woodbridge, pjbcox, and howlinjay, have made a lot of great posts in the Southern Appalachians.

Now that we’re all warmed up, let’s ramp it up toward the end of the week!


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