Diario del proyecto Yellingbo and surrounds

22 de junio de 2022

23/06/22 Bird & Frog survey: Yellingbo

The frogs were quiet today and the birds weren't vocalising much, but despite that, we came away having seen 35 species of birds. The tracks were wet after so much rain in the region lately, and the skies overcast for most of the morning, but it was still and dry. As we sat down to enjoy lunch together, the blue skies peaked through. As Wendy said, "it's great to be out in the bush in winter!" The highlight for all of us were three Varied Sittellas finding food under the bark of the Eucalypts, two Bassian Thrush picking their way through the leaf litter just ahead of us on the track, and ... one partridge in a pear tree? No! One Powerful Owl sitting proudly in the Blackwood hanging onto dinner, a Ringtail Possum. As Ron said, it was "another enjoyable and relaxing day out with a really good group of people."

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31 de mayo de 2022

28/05/22 Twilight Walk: Yellingbo

Fourteen enthusiastic participants, under Karen's guidance, braved the early evening on a Twilight Walk. It was a still, mostly clear night, and a waning moon with just 5.6% illumination. We sighted 5 Common Brushtail Possums, 5 Ringtail Possums, 5 Sugar Gliders and Common Wombat scats on our approx 2km walk. Heard, but not seen, were the Common Eastern Froglet, Victorian Smooth Froglet and Southern Brown Tree Frog. Bird species heard were: 3 Masked Lapwing, 2 Common Blackbird, 4 Australian Wood Duck, 2 Purple Swamphen and 2 Superb Fairywren.
As we drove away at 8pm, the temperature gauge was showing 4 deg celsius. With our coldest months to come, it's pretty incredible to think our native animals are so well adapted to life outdoors, provided we as humans leave their critical habitat intact!
Thank you to Karen for sharing her knowledge and passion for animals with us tonight.

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11 de mayo de 2022

11/05/22 Bird & Frog survey: Yellingbo

I don't think we could have had a better day to be out in the bush - unless the sun was out a little more perhaps! An overcast, but still day with a touch of crispness in the air saw 8 of us walking a mostly shaded track along Woori Yallock Creek this morning surveying for birds. The fungi stopped many of us in our tracks however - there were lots of species that just had to be photographed and uploaded to iNat :)
A Bassian Thrush caught our eye before heading out of the carpark, as did a pair of Common Bronzewings taking a drink. A highlight was a Powerful Owl staring down at us from its perch high in a Blackwood. By the size, we felt it was most likely a female. In all, 27 bird species today, and perhaps best of all, the company and chatter of people who don't think your a little unusual by getting excited at the fungi & animal scat finds :)

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13 de abril de 2022

13/04/22 Bird & Frog survey: Yellingbo

I don't think we could have wished for a better morning. A sunny, still day combined with the easy conversation of 9 like-minded people as we walked the Yellingbo tracks on our Bird & Frog survey. Ron's keen eyes spied a Tasmanian Grey Fantail with its very dark plumage setting it apart from the Grey Fantails commonly seen. Crossing the Bass Strait heading north in winter, it's quite a trek for a small bird! Our list of 36 bird species seen today included a Whistling Kite, 4 honeyeater species, lots of Red-browed Finches anD a raptor we could hear but couldn't see high in the Manna Gum. No ID for that one - next time perhaps :)
A chorus of Common Eastern Froglets rang through the bush, enjoying the wet swampland areas. The wildlife is just part of why we come together though. A large part of the joy in surveying the Yellingbo bush for its wildlife and flora is meeting new people and sharing the Yellingbo bush with them. It's hard to care about this special piece of bush behind the locked gates if you don't know about it. Two weeks ago we loved meeting Donna and Lou, whilst today we met Robert who as a new kid to the area over 30 years ago attended Macclesfield Primary School taking the total enrolment to 7 kids. Now one of the larger primary schools in the area, how things change!

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08 de abril de 2022

30/03/22 Flora & Frog survey: Yellingbo

It was great to have two new people join us for a survey today. It's always surprising how much you start to see in the Australian bush when on the surface it just looks like a field of green foliage in front of you - though we had plenty of that too! There wasn't much warmth in the morning air, but it was still and mild. Very few insects buzzing about, just the odd butterfly that we couldn't get a photo of. The Hairpin Banksia and Yellow Hakea are flowering beautifully, with many of these two species along the stretch of track running alongside Cockatoo Creek swamp that we walked. The wet depressions we walked past were refuge for quite a few different plant species in flower, whilst the Common Eastern Froglet were making a racket in these same patches. Though the bird life wasn't plentiful this morning, the ones we did see were enjoying the sun high in the Eucalyptus canopy or hawking for the insect life along the track and swamp edge. Their eyes are clearly better than ours! A relaxed morning with great company. Thank you!

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07 de febrero de 2022

07/02/22 Flora & Frog survey: Yellingbo

It's such an unpredictable time in the world for people, and in the bush too it seems. On a warm, dry, still day, the plan was to head to where there are lots of grasses, sedges and a small freshwater dam. I was expecting more insects and birds. A couple of White-eared and New Holland Honeyeaters made an appearance, and the butterflies were certainly out, but so hard to photograph! I don't think we got any of them :(
One solitary caterpillar didn't escape Rachel's eye though, of an Australian Magpie Moth. The dam was alive with invertebrates, routinely making a dash to the surface for air, the tadpoles were large (what will they be we wondered?), and a handful of Damselflies and Dragonflies buzzed about. Some nymph cases were evident on the reeds. As we looked close to the ground at all the different herb species, and wondering where all the wildflowers were (hardly any to be seen), the hours spent concentrating on the earth washed away thoughts of anything else. We all agreed, it's a great way to get some "me time" into your life.

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22 de noviembre de 2021

22/11/21 Flora & Frog survey: Yellingbo

Five people. Perfect morning for some time in the bush. As Amy says, "Is there any better way to spend a Monday morning than out in the sunshine looking for beautiful native orchids, surrounded by constant bird song? Today volunteers went out into Jeanne Wilcox Reserve to conduct mainly a flora survey - an area that was bought by passionate community members from JESWA (google them, they're amazing) and donated to conserve our natural environment. We treaded lightly, trying to avoid accidentally stomping on many of the orchids that were either flowering, or had set seed. Whilst many of us had our heads down at the ground, other volunteers were multitasking, identifying almost 25 bird species by sound. To finish off our morning in the sun, we strolled upon a Blotched Blue-Tongue Skink, who happily basked in the sun whilst we all madly took photos." Could it have been a better few hours? Maybe, we didn't record any frogs :)

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20 de noviembre de 2021

15/11/21 Bird & Frog survey: Yellingbo

Amy said it all, "Today reminded me of the utter joy and peace that comes with walking in nature with likeminded individuals. It was my first time back in Yellingbo since August, and I was very excited to be greeted by a wombat in the first ten metres of our walk. A bucket-list item to see an iconic Australian species up close. Although the weather was a bit all over the place, we had a few minutes of glorious sunshine to warm us up whilst we enjoyed morning tea."
With all of us driving through heavy rain (not showers) to get to our meeting point, a change of site seemed a good option. We were richly rewarded with 39 bird species positively identified and 1 raptor we couldn't quite ID. Oh well, next time :)

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07 de agosto de 2021

04/08/21 Flora, Fungi & Frog survey: Yellingbo

A cool, damp forecast didn't stop us, neither did the need for a 10 person maximum and face masks firmly on in these times of COVID restrictions (just taken off when using tools!!). A great mix today of surveying flora, with Tall and Nodding Greenhood colonies bringing smiles all round, and the sun appearing mid morning allowing us to remove a small patch of Spanish Heath before it sets seed. We were joined by 3 SAE Institute film students who are making a 7 minute documentary of the Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeaters work. No frogs calling today, and the fungi was there but we are certainly seeing the end of the peak time. Really nice to see the Scented and Tall Sundews flowering, and that splash of yellow from the Wattles heralding early spring.

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24 de julio de 2021

14/07/21 Bird & Platypus survey: Yellingbo

I'm not sure 8 people could have had a bigger buzz! On a wet and cold morning, just before current COVID lockdowns were announced, we'd just arrived for our Platypus survey and a platypus swam by! The chill was forgotten and the memory kept us warm for the remainder of the day (Silvana tells us she's dined out on this story for weeks!!). We didn't manage a photo (so trust us!), but a few of us did see a brilliant platypus lantern at the Belgrave Lantern Festival which gave us more opportunity for a photo!
We keep a look out for eels migrating on our platypus surveys too... one day we're confident we'll catch that, if they're about.
Bird of the day was a Rose Robin, but we were pleasantly surprised that we recorded 24 species after thinking we may not see many on such a cold, damp morning.
The frogs were calling, except when we got our recorders out! Crinia signifera were dominant, but there were at least 2 other species as well. Plans to go back in subsequent days to capture recordings was thwarted by snap COVID lockdowns, but we're not complaining about these community health initiatives. We'll hear the frogs again!

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