Atención: Algunas o todas las identificaciones afectadas por esta división puede haber sido reemplazada por identificaciones de Eurimyia. Esto ocurre cuando no podemos asignar automáticamente una identificación a uno de los taxones de salida. Revisar identificaciones de Lejops lineatus 494202

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In the UK this is Anasimyia it not possible to retain that name for UK sightings? It is of no use to people here being given Lejops lineata, let alone Eurimyia, as it will just lead them away from finding further information on the species they have seen. As far as I know there is no intention here currently to change from Anasimyia.

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@ophrys good question.

"The European species of this genus were revised by Claussen & Torp (1980). They consign four European species to the genus, but exclude A.lineata, which, like some other authors, they regard as belonging to a separate genus,Eurimyia. Other authors, including Peck (1988), include A.lineata in Anasimyia. Various authors, e.g. Peck (1988), van der Goot (1981), treat Anasimyia as a subgenus of Helophilus. Some include these species in Lejops." - SPECIES ACCOUNTS OF EUROPEANSYRPHIDAE (DIPTERA), GLASGOW 2011

The updates to iNaturalist are based on the consensus that the previous iNaturalist status quo did not make sense to continue, as European workers and the most recent consensus of North American workers agree to elevate the subgenera. So the question now is whether Eurimyia and Anasimyia are separate genera or lumped together. The iNat curatorial team for North American Syrphidae have been using Skevington etal 2018, the guide to Northeastern North American Syrphidae, as a standard reference, and they separate Eurimyia from Anasimyia.

I don't think iNaturalist has a way to allow multiple scientific synonyms to be used for the same species in different parts of the world.

I will tag some others who may be able to help.

@upupa-epops @johnklymko @nbdragonflyguy

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