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Avid beachcomber and naturalist. Currently writing a field guide to beachcombing in NSW.
Specialty is NSW marine gastropods and bivalves, particularly from Sydney to Port Macquarie.

I recently published a short e-book about scientific etymology entitled 'It's Helico-pter, not Heli-copter: A Beginner's Guide to Deconstructing Scientific Words and Names', which is available here for the US, and here for Australian users.

I co-organised the 2020 City Nature Challenge for Sydney with @cnc_sydney_2020.

Completed my honours thesis on biofoulers and the goose barnacle genus Lepas as part of UNSW's FAMER Lab. You can also read a summary of my research, and an article on marine forensic science for which I was quoted.

I run a few projects:

Grants Beach Walking Trail documents my observations from my favourite trail, would hugely appreciate any IDs you can provide.
First Known Photographs of Living Specimens
AU Terrestrial Nature and Plastic
AU Marine Nature and Plastic

You can contact me at

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