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An identifier / observer of Molluscs

I am an avid amateur malacologist / a high school student being 15 years old, living in New Lynn, West Auckland, New Zealand. I love all the organisms on our planet, especially molluscs, benthos and soil animals which are almost always out of spotlight. Recently working on arthropods on Inat besides molluscs.

I am always happy to be asked about molluscs from anywhere,
If you have any questions/ID requests or disagreements, please feel free to contact me.

My observations of specimen shells, mostly from my collection

My mollusc observations, including in situ photography as well as specimen photos

All the photography I post on Inaturalist were taken and edited only by me unless other's names are mentioned.
Anyone can use my photography but a clear citation of the credit (Saryu Mae) is always required. I would be happier if you could notify me in comments, messages or by email if you plan to use my photography. Possibly I can provide a better photo!

For 2022, I am trying to observe as many species of wild organisms within Auckland, especially millipedes, insects, mites, spiders, all the soil animals, and of course molluscs!

I always appreciate any disagreeing identifications, and I either try to discuss in comments or simply agree with those.

・Reasons of why I add IDs to old observations, even if they are already identified and being "research grade"
In Inaturalist community, it is not uncommon to see mistake identifications.

It happens most often when people uses automatic identifier, and sometimes these identifications can be simply agreed by someone else and become research grade.
Because these mistakes are common and many "research grade" observations are not too reliable, I have been trying to go through all the past mollusc observations and agreeing for correct ones, suggesting a new ID for the ones I find incorrect.

I aim to add as many accurate mollusc identifications as I can, so I can be notified when someone adds disagreeing ID or comments which should be considered. This is extremely important as the observation will have imprecise community ID if left with no agreements without noticed by anyone.

About me
I born and lived in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan for 12 years until I came to New Zealand in 2019 where I currently live. I can communicate in English or Japanese.

I have been particularly interested in geology and paleontology since I was 5 years old, and my interest extended to malacology, which is the study of recent and fossil molluscs (a group of animal including snails, bivalves and octopuses).
I am also very interested in general invertebrate Zoology (Echinodermology etcetra) and Botany, Mineralogy and Geology.

Taxon Changes
As a curator, I update Inaturalist's database to the newest taxonomic tree, based on Molluscabase. Feel free to mention me if any taxon changes of molluscs were needed.

Wellington Shell Club (New Zealand)
NPO Network for Shizuoka Prefecture Museum of Natural History (Japan)

Kenji YOKOYAMA and Saryu MAE. 2018. Shell fossils and the sedimentation environment of the shell fossil dense layer of The Middle Pleistocene Negoya Formation
at Negoya in the Udo Hill, Shizuoka City, central Japan

This is an article about deep water fauna and environment of a formation formed in middle Pleistocene(Chibanian) I have co-authored in 2017, and I was in charge of collecting, preserving, identifying of deep-water mollusc fossils from the formation.

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(About me in Japanese)

前 朝琉 (15 歳)という者です。無脊椎動物学(特に貝類学)・古生物学・鉱物学などにとても興味があり、それ以外の科学関連にも興味があります。静岡県出身で、今はニュージーランドのオークランドに住んでいます。


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