Max Roberts

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I am a...

• wildlife enthusiast (herper/birder/mammaler/all of the above)
• curious naturalist
• nature photographer
• scientist-in-training
• jazz saxophonist
• undergraduate student at UC Santa Barbara (zoology major)
• Briggs Lab field technician and lab assistant (I am a frog swabber!)
• Young Lab field assistant
• Southwestern Herpetologist Society member
• Snowy Plover Docent at Coal Oil Point Reserve
• Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration (CCBER) volunteer

I like to conduct personal field projects and have studied...

• the wildlife in my backyard (
• the thermoregulatory and humidification habits of common reptile and amphibian species in Coastal Southern California.
• the presence of different mammal species in various habitats in Southern California through the use of camera traps

Nature Photography Website:
Youtube Channel:

For identification, I am mostly familiar with...

• reptiles and amphibians
• birds
• medium-sized and large mammals
• terrestrial vertebrates in California, Arizona, Georgia, and Florida.

Mention me (@tothemax) in an observation if you think I might know what the animal in question is.

Fields of Interest: Field Zoology, Field Herpetology, Field Ornithology, Field Mammology, Community Ecology, Ethology (Animal Behavior), Conservation Biology, Environmental Studies, Systematics of Evolution, Population Studies

Favorite ways to experience nature:

• Taking a morning hike in SoCal chaparral
• Waking up in Sonoran Desert scrub
• Seeing a whale breach
• Encountering a rattlesnake in habitat (so long as all ends well!)
• Watching a hunt, whether successful or unsuccessful
• Canoeing in the rivers and swamps of Central Florida
• Walking amongst the nesting herons and egrets during Florida's Summer nesting season
• Walking down a nature boardwalk in the swamp
• Flipping cover objects to find herps and other critters (You never know what you are going to find. Just make sure you put everything back the way you found it!)
• Searching for amphibians and aquatic invertebrates in California's creeks
• Looking out across Lamar Valley and watching the bison and wolves
• Seeing a Golden Eagle soar overhead
• Encountering a wild bear
• Watching a Short-eared Owl fly over open grassland

For those who plan on using my observations...

• all of my reptile and amphibian observations can also be found on HerpMapper (
• I post many of my reptile and amphibian observations (but not all) on NAHERP (
• I use EBird to occasionally record full bird walks that I go on. For individual observations recorded during those walks, please refer to my INaturalist observations (

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