Jonathan Hakim

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Science teacher, citizen scientist and herpetologist who grew up in St. Helens, Oregon. Involved in the surveying and inventorying of herps across the world. Currently focused on a guide to hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing in Columbia County, Oregon, as well as an ongoing study of the reptiles and amphibians of the area:

Other recent projects:

Was lead author on a herpetological assemblage paper for Lawachara National Park which was published in Check List, the journal of biodiversity data:

Completed an essay series on water, reptiles and amphibians, and extinction in California.

Compiling a field guide to every reptile and amphibian found in Thailand. The most common species of all types as well as the first 120 snake species are completed:

Tanay (Philippines) wildlife blog:

Community snake workshop in Manila:

Pythons, tortoises, and people in Bangladesh:

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