Obscuring my tidepool observations in SF Bay Area counties

A sad decision. It may not help as much as other more tangible measures to stop the widespread taking/destruction of the local reefs that began in early 2020, but I don't want my personal iNat observations to assist tech-saavy foragers in any way. For now, this means Mollusks in San Francisco, Marin, San Mateo, Santa Cruz and Monterey counties only and genus Cancer crabs statewide.

Yes, it will now look like some tidepool creatures were seen miles inland. Sorry about that... If this affects your conservation project, and you need the precise locations of my observations, please message me privately, I'm happy to help.


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So sorry to hear this. Is the harvesting of marine life a commercial venture in some way?

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Oh wow, what a shame. I do understand. My local park, Carl Schurz Park, which used to normally have almost no-one in it, during the busiest part of the pandemic, when outdoors was the only safe place to go, had about 1000 people a day, many of them dropping litter, climbing over fences, climbing the rock face and trampling plants.

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Rocky beaches in the Los Angeles area are also getting badly hit. The Whites Point/ Point Fermin area in San Pedro has been stripped by foragers and heavy foot traffic.

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@leslieh I'm so sorry to hear this

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I read the articles about Pillar Point. If the pressure there keeps up it will be just as bad as our area. Really sad....

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Really sad to hear. As leslieh posted, White Point and Abalone Cove have been stripped of all the muscles and urchins amongst other things. I went to White Point once about two months ago, won't be going back, the damage is too frustrating and aggravating to look at. No Rangers, no enforcement of rules and no one really seems to care. Sad.

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It is a pity that some volunteer group cannot help, perhaps by making a handout that explains the problem, and then handing them out to people. Might not do any good but may be worth a try.

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There is a volunteer group in our area. They're trying hard and do get through to some folk but not to all. These beaches have had high levels of foot traffic for decades in the high & mid-intertidal. The current situation is unsustainable.

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It is a tragedy when the intertidal zone gets demolished and impoverished. People don't seem to grasp the fact that nature cannot always just repair and replenish itself.

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"This is why we can't have nice things."

Very sorry to hear this as well... I've yet to go tide-pooling, officially -- I hope there are some left over for me to explore when I get the chance!

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@sambiology The offer is still good any time - we just won't go to the devastated spots!

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