07 de febrero de 2022

Hate cockloaches? They are beautiful!

Recently I have realized that cockloaches (majority of insects belonging to Blattoidea) actually are very pretty and interesting to look at.
But in reality, most people around me strongly hate cockloaches and only a few of my friends are just "not scared of them".

This probably is because people have strong impressions of them being unpleasant house insects. I still understand that people wouldn't like trespasser coming to their room, except the weird ones like me who would happily catch them.
However, not only residental areas are the habitat of cockloach, and in fact, most cockloach species do not invade human habitats except a couple brave ones accidentally introduced from foreign countries.

Cockroaches are living fossils which didn't evolve much since 300 million years ago when ancesters of humans were still just fish.
Currently, there are more than 4,000 species of Cockroaches in the world, which most are not very familiar with human habitats and are found only in natural bushes.
I strongly encourge going to a natural bush at night if you interested a bit about cockroaches- there would be tens of cockroaches moving around on vegetation and you probably will find some native ones which are often more beautiful than the ones seen in houses.

Fun facts you should know about cockroaches:
・They have a pair of lovely round dark compound eyes. Go have a look, they are really cute.
・Cockloaches are hemimetaboly. This means their apperance is almost as the same as adults since they are born, and if you were lucky enough to observe them just after moulting, they are pure white and amazingly beautiful.
・Not all Cockloaches move fast. Some are slow and are often bred as pets.

Also, here is a tip for what to do when a cockroach trespassed your territory; NEVER CRUSH THEM! If you do, you just made a cute creature into a disgusting dead body and you will have to deal with it.

Instead, use a transparent container and put it over the cockroach, then put the lid on carefully. Then, you can either let them die from starvation to get a nice dry specimen or throw them into toilet.
Releasing them is not encourged as most cockloaches in houses are invasive species.

Thanks for reading and happy cockloaching!

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14 de diciembre de 2019

Be careful to Bluebottles

Bluebottles are often washed ashore on the ocean beaches.
If you find it, don't touch. It has strong poison.
Also, when you swimming in beach, be careful not to touch bluebottles that floating surface of water.

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