FJ4: Winter Behaviors of Black-capped Chickadee

Oakledge Park, Burlington, VT 03/151/2022
Start: 4:45 pm End: 5:45 pm
Cloudy mid 30s to 40s
There wasn't much going on at Oakledge Park as for bird activity, there was a lot of people, and loud music coming from the woods somewhere though. There wasn't much of a trailhead, but I walked out to an old foundation to some building that once stood by the water. After a while Some Black-capped Chickadees flew out from deeper in the woods. There was four of them although they seemed to stay in groups of two. I focused on one group as they flew from twig to twig seemingly looking for food. To get a better picture I tried to get closer, they allowed me to get pretty close, or at least closer than I expected. I chalked this up to the colder temperature and the lack of food making them more willing to risk potential threats to get close to save calories and energy. I did see some dead trees with snags around the property, these would be good for waiting out the night but no activity near them that I saw.

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