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2017 Texas Pollinator BioBlitz Starts September 23!

The 2nd Annual Texas Pollinator BioBlitz returns this fall, so mark your calendars for some photographic fun and join this year's 2017 Project Page!
Dates: September 23-October 8, 2017
2017 Project Page:

In addition to iNaturalist fun, we'll offer up daily email challenges, links of the day with some great pollinator information and tips, online resources with video how-tos on photography and other topics, and more! Learn more online at: Share with friends so that they can sign up, too.

Do you still want to do more? Post your pollinator photos during the event to your own ...más ↓

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Welcome to the official Texas Pollinator BioBlitz project. Add all pollinator observations you make in Texas in October 2016 to this project.

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