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viernes, 14 de julio de 2023

Adding vernacular names of taxa from Botswana. What writing style is best ?

  1. Do we add singular, plural or both when we add a vernacular name from Botswana in Setswana or one of the other many languages of Botswana.
    I think we should make an effort to add both singulars and plurals.
    Doesnt this make searching for a taxon much easier on inat if both are in the system.
    Though I have found most names in Botswana's languages are singular and plurals have been neglected, sometimes it is hard to search for a siingular word.

I tried to search for nong - a bird in Setswana and came up with nothing. Such a basic word. However I was able to find Dinonyane ( birds).

I've brought up this issue also in a Forum post.

2 Should we write names in a conventional way with the Capital letter only at the start of the word and not at the third letter as linguists seem to love ?
I think we should be writing names as most Batswana write names. With the capital letter only at the beginning.
This is certainly open for debate and discussion !

3 I don't think many people in Botswana use accents in words except linguists.
There may be accents in some dictionaries but if they are not used by ordinary people in their writing should we be using them on iNaturalist ?
Accents are very important in French but I dont think they are in Botswana languages.

Here are example of some Setswana names in iNat.

I found these names for a dusky lark in iNat Se.Botha, Se.Bothê
I suggest we should be adding the names as Sebotha and Sebothe using a more conventional form of writing as used by Mr or Miss Average Motswana in Botswana.

Camel thorn Vachellia erioloba is moGôtlhô in INat. What is wrong with Mogotlho ?
Are we creating iNaturalist for linguists or for normal people ?

I hope this arouses a bit of discussion.
Thank you for considering the issue of simplification of writing styles.

Thank you
Tony Benn ( aka Botswanabugs)

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martes, 27 de junio de 2023


Get ready for the Great Southern Bioblitz .The ‘Great Southern BioBlitz’, or ‘GSB’ for short, is an international period of intense biological surveying in an attempt to record all the living species across the Southern Hemisphere in Spring, from 24 to 27 Nov.
Four Botswana areas shall be competing against hundreds of other southern hemisphere areas to show off the amazing Botswana hyperbiodiversity.
Save the date: 24-27 November 2023

More about #GSB2023: https://www.greatsouthernbioblitz.org/

The four Botswana areas taking part are
Northern Botswana

Gaborone & SE

Botswana South

Botswana Central

Wherever you are in Botswana, join in the fun ! 24-27 November.

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lunes, 22 de mayo de 2023

jueves, 11 de mayo de 2023

Help ID the CNC23 observations !

Great thanks to all those in Botswana who took part in the City Nature Challenge 23, either as observers or identifiers.
Our top observers in the whole of Botswana were both ladies from Gaborone tuli-2/tuli ( one person with two accounts) 470 observations, and Skybella7, 119 observations. ( Botswanabugs being excluded ).

Together, 13 observers in our four Botswana areas that participated were able to make
1853 observations and to date, 554 species have been identified.

There are still 1493 observations that still need to be identified to species level !
Keep on trying to identify them !
Here they are.

Please sign up to be an organiser for one of Botswana's areas in the next City Nature Challenge 24.
Botswana needs organisers.
Northern Botswana, Gaborone & SE, Botswana Central, Botswana South


Also join and contribute to these Facebook groups.

How can we boost Botswana's participation in the next event, the CNC 24 ?
Please share ideas.

Thanks everyone for making the CNC 23 a really fun event.

@matewe @tuli @shaz6 @robert_taylor @bugs-mcstuffins @skybella7 @nalediseniorsecondary @linda-prinslow @guy_williams @anthony1764 @sirhanni @gihan @rianafourie @ianwhite @grant_reed_botswana @murphy_tladi @intotheokavango
@gerritgoosen @modise @johnbarclay @jeremy_botswana @kyledenobrega @cuutamo @richard_mazebedi @mmapula @cornerautenbach @jonoharper @tonyrebelo @suvarna @kestrel @amyjaecker-jones @lhiggins

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miércoles, 10 de mayo de 2023

domingo, 16 de abril de 2023

Please help promote and advertise the CIty Nature Challenge for the four areas in Botswana. We have P4000 as prize money

@rianafourie @robert_taylor @grant_reed_botswana @lyn_francey franc @tuli @spencer_wp @murphy_tladi @matewe @derekdlh @guy_williams @kyledenobrega @gerritgoosen @modise @gihan @henry_parsons
@jeremy_botswana @ianwhite @richard_mazebedi

Im writing emails to all School Heads and College Principals hoping to use the P4000 prizemoney to entice teachers,, students and their parents to get involved in the CNC.

Any ideas please ?

Botswanabugs aka Tony Benn

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lunes, 16 de enero de 2023

Botswana in the City Nature Challenge 2023 April 28 to May 1

Four areas of Botswana have entered the City Nature Challenge 2023

These are

Botswana Central

Botswana South

Gaborone & SE

Northern Botswana

The whole of Botswana is covered, so wherever you are in Botswana you can join in the fun.

Here are the areas in East, Central and Southern Africa which are entering the CNC23

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domingo, 31 de julio de 2022

A very interesting website called LifeGate

iNaturalists of Botswana and southern Africa

Please take a look at this website and consider its usefulness and value.
I find it to be very interesting,


Could there be mutual collaboration between iNaturalists/iNaturalist and the creators of this great site ?
Or is collaboration happening already ?
Could/should there be links between the two sites ?

I have asked these questions on the iNat Forum page.

I hope LifeGate shall be able to use the photos I have uploaded from Botswana on iNaturalist to illustrate their site,

Tony Benn ( aka Botswanabugs from Serowe, Botswana)

@tonyrebelo @rianafourie @robert_taylor @grant_reed_botswana @derekdlh @murphy_tladi
@beetledude @moira_fitzpatrick @karoopixie @magdastlucia @dewald2

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sábado, 04 de junio de 2022

Great Southern Bioblitz 28-31 Oct 2022 - The GSB !

The next major iNaturalist competition for Botswana's iNaturalists is the GREAT SOUTHERN BIOBLITZ (GSB) taking place Oct 28 to Oct 31, 2022. Five Botswana areas are entering this enormous, southern hemisphere biodiversity competition. They are Gaborone & SE, Northern Botswana, Botswana Central , Francistown % NE and Botswana South. Its is expected that over 400 areas south of the equator shall take pat in this competition.

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lunes, 04 de octubre de 2021

Great Southern Bioblitz Oct 22 to Oct 25 2021

Wherever you are in Botswana. please participate in the Great Southern Bioblitz between 22 Oct and 25 Oct.
This is a great opportunity to showcase the wealth of Botswana's amazing biodiversity to attract future tourists looking for a highly biodiverse country to visit.

Botswana has four areas entering this enormous southern hemisphere competition.

They are

Northern Botswana

Botswana Central

Gaborone & SE

Botswana South

Here is a leaderboard which shall be used to show how all the areas taking part in the great Southern Bioblitz perform.

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